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more kitty pictures

i just uploaded more kitten pictures, of the two remaining girls, to my flickr.

they are super cute.

i think a lot of us could use some cute today.

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ovulation captured on film

this is probably one of the most awesome things i've ever seen.

A woman ovulates during surgery for a partial hysterectomy, and it's caught on film.

Totally amazing, and a little icky (like all things related to being a mammal)!

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bow chicka bow bow

i have finished all the work on my plate (until a meeting i have in an hour) so let's have some house porn!

It has a studio space on the first floor that i have no use for, but i want it!

I think, though, that I would feel like I was not classy enough for my house if I lived here.

Lots of good windows and near a giant wooded park. Good (light and outdoors!) or bad (no privacy and potential horror movie setting)?

This is actually the house where our Brownie Troop Leader lived last year, before they moved to Vancouver. It is freakin' gorgeous.

Just down the street from one of Sophie's BFFs.

Gah, I need a cigarette now.

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we have four girl and two boy kitties – topaz was hiding a couple things under all that fur and pudge!

five have been fixed and are sleeping it off. turquoise was still under two pounds, so she had the room and the toys to herself today. she'll get hers next week.

groggy kittehs are cute.

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Kittens, group 2

Our batch of six kittens. More pics to come later!

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Be My Bra

One of the Mamas forwarded this to me – considering my own family history, this is something likely to affect me and Sophie one day (unless we find a cure, here's hoping!).

Please take a minute (literally, one minute) to sign this online petition to support the Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act, which would put a stop to the current policy by many insurance companies to make mastectomies practically an outpatient procedure.


My rack thanks you.

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