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more kitty pictures

i just uploaded more kitten pictures, of the two remaining girls, to my flickr.

they are super cute.

i think a lot of us could use some cute today.

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Kittens, group 2

Our batch of six kittens. More pics to come later!

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kitten update

omg. they are so cute. it's like, if you were going to get trained actor kitties to portray stereotypical kittens in a movie, they would act like this. and reviewers would be all "this is SO  unrealistic! kittens don't REALLY act this way! it's totally based on false stereotypes! puh-leeze."

We have four, instead of five or six. two nearly identical gray ones with white socks and wee white bibs (one with a white flame on its nose), and two nearly identical white ones with gray mullet patches (M-shaped in the front, down the back of their head to around the base of their skull – one gray patch splits in the middle a little, the other is a little longer on one side than the other). They're hard to tell apart. They are pretty well bonded in pairs – one bray and one white in each pair – and have very distinct personalities. One pair are all about tussling. They are constantly play-fighting, stalking each other, and generally being feisty. The other pair are more mellow. They will play together with a ball or a mouse. One of the second pair (the gray one) is a serious lap cat, and will hop on your lap whenever you sit down. The white one likes perching on a shoulder.

They all sleep in a pile most of the time, and sometimes split into their pairs. It kills me every time.

Pictures soon!

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sophie on the important issues

on the way home from school yesterday, sophie and i were talking about politics, the presidential race, what it means to be "liberal", and where i stand on things. i explained what i like about the various candidates, and she asked a very important question that i think hasn't been adequately addressed in the debates yet:

"but are any of them for the kittens?"

i'll have to go back and research their platforms.

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