pass it on…

from an email from a friend:

Arnold is polling reactions to the gay marriage ruling, and word has it the majority of the responses are in opposition to the historic ruling. Please take a minute (literally) to voice your opinion!

To vote in support of the Supreme Court's decision using email:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out your info
  3. Using the "Please choose your subject" dropdown menu, go to "Supreme Court decision on Same Sex Marriage"
  4. Click Submit
  5. On the resulting page, click "pro" and put a little message in there for the governator.

Do it!

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happy mother’s day!

or is it mothers' day? or mothers day? i can never figure that out.

especially big mothers' day love to all you new mamas out there. i hope you were treated like the queens you are!

and lots of love to The Mamas, as i refer to you. You are all saints, all of you, and i love you to bits.

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happy birthday, tallkim!

i am still working on your homemade(!) bday present. until then, here is a picture of us in our yoot:

love you!

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random notes

so i am actually not going out of town for my birthday. instead, i'm going to have a vacation at home, which MIGHT involve getting things done i want to get done, or it might involve napping, or it might involve a day trip. who knows? oh, sweet mystery of life. i am going to keep your suggestions for when soph is out of town in June, tho. thank you for those!

we have six new kittens in the house, for a total of eight felines. they are fluffy. holy gatos. pics tonight.

the story about DMX being arrested on animal cruelty charges is sad but this part:

According to sheriff's deputies, five pit bull mix puppies were taken from the rapper's home by an animal control unit and will be taken to to a jail where they will be cared for by female inmates.

i find kind of fabulous.

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bday getaway

Sophie's going to be gone the weekend of my birthday, and as I am a loner at heart, I can think of few better ways to spend it than by bugging out of town for some solo rest and relaxation.

I'm looking for suggestions for a quickie weekend trip May 16-18, somewhere I can drive to in, say, 4 hours or so, but I'll drive more for something really good. Here are my guidelines:

  • Nothing too spendy (I am not picky about my lodgings, so long as they are clean and secure).
  • I'd like to be somewhere I can wander from where I'm staying to something, a cute shopping district, a pretty beach or park, that kind of stuff. I like driving, but not if I need to stop every few miles and check a map.
  • Pretty is good – My idea of a good time is sitting on a balcony with a book and a cup of coffee staring at a nice view (urban or rural).
  • I like city and country equally.

There's always Big Sur/Carmel/Monterey (tho I may have trouble with the inexpensive part there), or Calistoga for some mud bath action. I do love the Sonoma Coast so that is an option too.

Tell me where to go! In a nice way!

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back to awesomeness

Next month is going to be awesome.

I turn 37! Not that 37 is a particularly fine age to reach, I'm just glad to have an excuse to treat myself to things.

For instance: the last weekend of the month (if you include thursday as part of the weekend) I will be seeing Flight of the Conchords AND Bootsy Collins. Not together, though. FotC at Davies Symphony Hall and Bootsy at the Fillmore. I'm so excited I could use my pointy nipples as telescopic antennae to transmit data back to earth. And then there's an A's game with Heidi and Sophie on Sunday afternoon. I see a vulgarly-sized hot dog in my future.

Sophie will be gone on my birthday, for Stirling's* graduation from U. of Vermont. I wish I could go, except that A. not real big on spending my birthday with her dad, and B. spendy! And really, I'd want to spend a little time with the Whitman side of the family and then make slipbluenight hang out with me. I am looking forward to spending the day going through all my crap and deciding what I need to get rid of, then getting rid of it, then deciding what I need to get/replace, and getting it. I'm old, so that is appealing to me. Then I won't make anyone dinner, and I won't feel guilty about it. Also, I will buy myself some books. FULL PRICE BOOKS if I want to! nyeah.

*Stirling is Sophie's cousin, who battled and DESTROYED osteosarcoma a while back. And then graduated on time. Whatta gal!

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go me! and soph!

guess what i did last night?


guess who taught me?


i mean, i'm not ready for mountain biking, or even leaving the empty parking lot up the street, but I TOTALLY RODE A BIKE.

and i kind of half figured it out myself, but sophie TOTALLY GUIDED ME.

now i just need to figure out how to adjust the cheap cruiser i bought from target so it fits me right and i'm ready to hit the road. or at least hit the parking lot again!

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