bday getaway

Sophie's going to be gone the weekend of my birthday, and as I am a loner at heart, I can think of few better ways to spend it than by bugging out of town for some solo rest and relaxation.

I'm looking for suggestions for a quickie weekend trip May 16-18, somewhere I can drive to in, say, 4 hours or so, but I'll drive more for something really good. Here are my guidelines:

  • Nothing too spendy (I am not picky about my lodgings, so long as they are clean and secure).
  • I'd like to be somewhere I can wander from where I'm staying to something, a cute shopping district, a pretty beach or park, that kind of stuff. I like driving, but not if I need to stop every few miles and check a map.
  • Pretty is good – My idea of a good time is sitting on a balcony with a book and a cup of coffee staring at a nice view (urban or rural).
  • I like city and country equally.

There's always Big Sur/Carmel/Monterey (tho I may have trouble with the inexpensive part there), or Calistoga for some mud bath action. I do love the Sonoma Coast so that is an option too.

Tell me where to go! In a nice way!

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Visit meeeeeeeeeeeeeeOk, it is a long drive. But it's pretty. And you can walk to a cute shopping district, a pretty university, and get a quick ride to the beach from me or the bus. I don't know about clean, but my house is reasonably secure 😉


  2. Indian Springs in Calistoga! Maybe breaks the spendy rule tho.


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