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Next month is going to be awesome.

I turn 37! Not that 37 is a particularly fine age to reach, I'm just glad to have an excuse to treat myself to things.

For instance: the last weekend of the month (if you include thursday as part of the weekend) I will be seeing Flight of the Conchords AND Bootsy Collins. Not together, though. FotC at Davies Symphony Hall and Bootsy at the Fillmore. I'm so excited I could use my pointy nipples as telescopic antennae to transmit data back to earth. And then there's an A's game with Heidi and Sophie on Sunday afternoon. I see a vulgarly-sized hot dog in my future.

Sophie will be gone on my birthday, for Stirling's* graduation from U. of Vermont. I wish I could go, except that A. not real big on spending my birthday with her dad, and B. spendy! And really, I'd want to spend a little time with the Whitman side of the family and then make slipbluenight hang out with me. I am looking forward to spending the day going through all my crap and deciding what I need to get rid of, then getting rid of it, then deciding what I need to get/replace, and getting it. I'm old, so that is appealing to me. Then I won't make anyone dinner, and I won't feel guilty about it. Also, I will buy myself some books. FULL PRICE BOOKS if I want to! nyeah.

*Stirling is Sophie's cousin, who battled and DESTROYED osteosarcoma a while back. And then graduated on time. Whatta gal!

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  1. A birthday suggestion: line yourself up with an affordable mani-pedi. It fits in nicely with the "spend quality time with myself/out with the old and in with the new" theme, and it's just nice to welcome in a new year feeling pampered and with a hot color of your choosing winking up at you when you wiggle your toes. If you were here I'd drag you out myself!


  2. may is going to RULE


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