the first item on the MediaAlliance electronic job file is HAWAII GUIDEBOOK WRITER. I'm completely unqualified for it, as I have never been to Hawaii, much less live there or have any close ties to it (I don't think the fact that my aunt went to high school with Tom Selleck would count as a "close tie" unfortunately), and apart from this post I don't think I have ever written about Hawaii.

If it were 10 years ago, I would totally go for the SF Weekly staff writer position. Don't start in on how I should do it anyway, because the salary of a staff writer at a free weekly isn't exactly going to afford me the luxurious lifestyle to which my family and I have become accustomed.

Anyway, the (probably similarly salaried) job after it is much more my dream  job: a "community-minded journalist" to "help cover, define and present the local news to a very active readership where the printed word has a real and important impact." The community in question is Northern and Western Sonoma County, also known as My Favorite Place On Earth.

I'm still half-hoping for a position at that branding company I mentioned before. I didn't update, but despite the beyond-positive feedback, I was being used as a political pawn by the position's manager, who really wanted a designer with proofreading skills (long story). One of the principals has said he wants me for a future position, but I am trying not to put all my eggs in that basket. I really liked the place and the work, though, despite the unfortunate politicking.

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