and then there was one

least original subject line ever!

so three of the kittens have been adopted! thin mint and do-si-do went to a lovely ER doctor last week, and just tonight a nice bartender met and took home samoa to be a friend for her other kitty. that leaves u

s with tagalong! who until a moment ago was sleeping on soph's lap – he just hopped onto my chest and is getting comfy and purring loudly. we MAY keep him, as he is so schmoopie and snorgly and Kitty is almost warming up to him, but we had originally planned to foster kittens for a bit, then adopt an adult cat. but he is cute! and already here! maybe we'll see if someone else snatches him up this weekend and take it from there.

i thought for sure he'd be the first one adopted. go figure!

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3 responses to this post.

  1. I would have adopted him first. His markings are cute and that cute grey face is killin' me! Maybe the best was saved for last for a reason?


  2. Tagalong is SO schmoopie. What a sweetie.


  3. if you keep him you'll have a matching set of grey kitties…


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