call for ideas!

i am in charge of planning my coworker's office baby shower. i need some help!

any ideas for fun food/entertainment/favors/decor? I really just need to get food and decor, but may branch out into the other things.

here are some facts!
-it's at the end of the day on thursday
-there'll be ~20 people coming.
-it's in a conference room, and i'll have about 10 minutes to get everything decorated, unless i'm lucky and there isn't a meeting in there before us.
-she's having a boy, due in april. she and her husband call him "the bean".

my first round of brainstorming ideas:

-the other day someone had these adorable mini cupcakes in unnatural colors with cute sugar baby-related things on them. maybe those? easier than a cake.
-pickles. with a side of jam.
-maybe an ice cream party would be better. also with pickles?

-not big into games, but maybe a Baby Pool? On a giant posterboard, people can pick day/time/weight/length?
-some adorable blank book for people to write their wishes for the bean?

-i dunno, maybe we don't need them for an office party.

-since i don't have any time, it has to be either REALLY EASY or pre-made. pictures of babies dressed up as office workers? anne geddes needs to branch out.


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