you didn’t stop me, you jerk

i was counting on you. oh well.

so five kittens will be delivered to my house this evening, where i will care for and play with them until they hit 2lbs, at which point they will be whisked to the vet for some snipping of the reproductive bits, then either back to my place for another week or so, or off to their new families if they've been adopted.

of course, after i agreed, the cat lady tells me they are taking antibiotics, but it's no big deal, just runny poop. um,  thanks for the heads up there, lady. i hope they don't smell. i have some cat cleaning wipes so that should help.

at least they probably don't have distemper.

and they will probably be CUTE.

i hope Kitty doesn't freak out. they'll be confined to sophie's room while we're out during the day, and allowed to roam most of the house while we're home, but i'm blocking off my bedroom and bathroom so Kitty has a safe space to get away from them.


i'll post pics!

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