stop me before i foster again

soph and i are looking for a friend to keep Kitty company, so I was perusing craigslist and came across this post about kitten fostering.

my house is a PIGSTY and i can barely keep the fishtank clean and i have like a month of mail to go through still and for some reason i think i have enough time to foster kittens for a couple weeks.

wee, six-week-old kittens.

fluffy, adorable, mewing kittens.

schmoopie, snorgley, snarfley kittens.

stop me!

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3 responses to this post.

  1. You're dooooomed!I have to say though, that sounds like a very committed foster program.


  2. do it! and then i will come over EVERY DAY!


  3. god i can't wait for tomorrow night!


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