i hate the phone

i had a very odd call last night. it was labeled unknown name / unknown number, and usually i don't bother with those, but last night i did. it was weird. not bad,  but weird.

pertinent info: my father lives with me, and his name is edward michael. he goes by "mike" or "michael". also, he was in bed already. and he, like me, is annoyed by unsolicited marketing calls and would prefer not to deal with them.

ok so i pick up the phone, and there's a youngish, salesish sounding guy (you know, like he's on, he's going to stun you with his confidence and friendliness and a hint of sales are awesome and like hunting, and i'm totally a wolf and you are totally a baby caribou and i'ma eatcha and you'll thank me for it but it is entirely possible i only feel that way in hindsight).

[Phone rings, I answer, there is one of those pauses like it was automatically dialed from a call center computer]

salesish guy: Is Ed there? (note: my father NEVER goes by Ed ever).
me: May I ask who is calling?
sg: Can i speak to Ed – Edward?
me: May i ask who is calling?
sg: This is Richard Yarbrough. Can I talk to Ed please?
me: What is this regarding?
sg: Who is this? Can I talk to Ed please?
me: What is this regarding?
sg: Is this Mrs. Spanier?
me: No…
sg: Can I talk to Ed, then?
me: What is this regarding?
sg: That's between me and Ed. Who is this?
me: This is his daughter. What is this-
sg: His daughter!
me: …
sg: I love you!
me: Um..Excuse me?
sg: I love y-*click*

Aaaaaand SCENE.

I'm both amused and annoyed.

Someone else on my lj friends list suggested not answering the phone if you don't recognize the number and your gut says "don't do it" and while I suspect her experience was more personal and dramatic, I would have to agree.

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2 responses to this post.

  1. That is just… bizarre.


  2. i'm still laughing about the wolf and baby caribou analogy. poor baby caribou!


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