since world peace isn’t an option…

My probably unattainable wish for xmas is to find a copy of the out of print album like a velvet glove cast in iron by victor banana. I had a copy once, like, 10 years ago. it was weird. and also weird is that i have the title song stuck in my head, tho i haven't heard it for probably eight years.

can't hurt to put it out there, in case one of y'all happens to have a copy and no ethical problem with making dupes.

i eventually found a copy of that bluegrass album from the 70s that was by that band that had "doc" or "dr" in the name and they were from alaska and it had "the sweetest gift" on it that that girl i went to college with gave me a tape of way back when*, so it could happen!

*Dr. Schultz and The Last Frontier Band

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  1. i wonder if patrick farley has a copy…


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