beautiful katamari

this is very important!

new katamari game coming out next month!

for the XBOX, of all things. how could they be so insensitive to their loyal users, some of whom bought PS2s specifically to play katamari? howwwww?

nevertheless, i intend to  borrow the xbox from work and get my hands on the game, even if it means buying it myself.

i will be sure to let you know when the Beautiful Katamari party is scheduled.

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3 responses to this post.

  1. Well, if it were going to come out for the PS, it'd be for the PS3 and not the PS2. (and I bought a PS2 just to play katamari, too!) Xbox 360 is just too expensive to buy just to play one game, for sure.


  2. i was going to say, my brother has an xbox that i'm keeping safe for him right now! but it's not an xbox 360. poop.


  3. It's going to be on the Wii as well. Target has them both listed for beginning ofNovember but other stores just have the XBox 360 version listed for mid-October.What I want real dates!


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