judo for jesus

lori and kim, don't hate me, but i was in LA last weekend. it was last minute and i was there to just help my mom get some shit done and so i snuck into town. next time i will make you forgive me so we can hang out.

so yay, my mom is doing really well. she looks better than she has in YEARS. her color is better and her eyes are brighter. she's still too skinny for her frame, though living in LA she thinks she's just fine. and she still tires easily, but that is as much due to the chronic lung infection as it is the surgery. she will likely have some kind of radiation treatment, which makes her grumpy because it'll be doctor's appointments EVERY DAY FOR A MONTH and she just DOESN'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT CRAP, an attitude that further tells me she's feeling better. back to her old self! hooray! she'll make the time for it, of course, because you know, cancer. but she doesn't have to like it.

my cousin aaron drove down with me to hang out with his mom, and along the way – somewhere near gilroy, i think it was – there was an old wooden billboard advertising a church, including Sunday Worship and Martial Arts. I wonder what THOSE services are like. Judo for Jesus! Hai-ya and Amen! the drive back on monday was remarkably fast, and we hit SF just in time for me to take advantage of the bay bridge opening early so i could get home without taking the long way through marin county.

in other news: soph started third grade today! holy moly. she has the same awesome teacher she had in first grade, and they really enjoyed each other two years ago so that's a huge goodness. she has a very short haircut (pictures coming soon) that is the cutest ever. it makes her look very mature, until she opens her mouth and you see the giant gap where her two front teeth used to be.

i bought a labelmaker yesterday. i will try to only label things that need it. but at the moment, i can't think of anything that DOESN'T need it.

i've been trying to catch up on everyone's journals, but don't take it personally if i haven't commented on something important. my eyes kind of glaze over after the fifth page of entries.

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  1. LABELMAKER. (Also, awesome on the Mom stuff, the 3rd grade stuff, no teeth, judo for jesus, etc… but labelmaker! Woo!) T had a labelmaker when we were first dating, and I was so enchanted with it I labeled almost everything in his house one morning when he went out and stupidly left me with the labelmaker. Seven years later we're still finding odd labels on things (i.e. "Yum-yum" the wooden armadillo statue, or "Whoopie" the ironing board, etc.) Everything wants a label. Everything.


  2. I'm so glad your mom is doing better and that you were able to spend some time with her. Grumpy = things on the upswing. Excellent.I could never hate you! If you were an axe murderer I'd just help you dispose of the bodies.


  3. Oh also: I've had an obsessive many-year relationship with my labelmaker. I love it more than I love most people. If all you have is a labelmaker, everything looks SADLY IDENTITYLESS.


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