totally shallow whine for the day:

i am so tired of being "interesting" looking. today i'd like to be blandly pretty, or plain, or something.

i know what i look like so i'm not looking for "but you ARE pretty!" comments, and anyway considering my current mood i wouldn't believe them and just find them annoying. i don't (usually) think i'm *ugly*, i would just rather have an easily-appreciated attractiveness than a difficult one. i'd rather be a fluffy romantic comedy than a challenging art film. not that i think i'm deep and arty like a challenging art film, but you know what i mean. "easy on the eyes" rather than "worth the effort to appreciate."

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2 responses to this post.

  1. I was watching "About Last Night" today and it dawned on me I'm the Elizabeth Perkins, not the Demi Moore. You know, the plucky friend-of-hot-chick with slightly unflattering hair who the guys in the bar ignore unless their beer goggles are in place and the Demi is clearly taken.I don't think it's shallow. It would be nice to test drive being the Demi.


  2. Hey! I happen to like Elizabeth Perkins.


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