Good omen?

i got back last night from LA. i am exhausted. my mom had her surgery on Friday, and it went perfectly, and her surgeon assured us all that she was cancer-free now. i realize that may or may not be true, but i feel good that she was so confident about it. the lymph node they removed looked clear, and we'll know for sure soon. so, yay.

here's something fun that happened: so i am getting into the car to drive us to the hospital the morning of the surgery, and my foot bumps into some small something, and there's a loud, angry whirring down by my foot. it was a GIANT RED DRAGONFLY, like this one:

it was a pinker red color, not so orange. and it was HUGE. enormous and robust. its body  was at least four or more  inches long. anyway, after freaking out for a sec about the strange alien bug that was trying to eat me, i was able to shoo it out of the car.

only it decided to hang on for a bit, clinging to the driver's side window for about five miles (most of the way to the hospital). it was giving me serious stink eye(s). every time i glanced to my left, i saw this:

which was kinda cool, but a little disturbing, because i am not especially a bug person. i appreciate them and their unique beauty, but they also freak me out a little.

i've never seen a dragonfly that big, or that color, before. i decided it was a good omen, tho i do wonder what it means that i almost squashed the good omen under my foot and then banished it from the vehicle, possibly condemning it to death-by-windshield.

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2 responses to this post.

  1. … but then you set it free! So uh, yeah! Good omen! And maybe it wasn't stink eye but gratitude he was trying to communicate to you? "Thanks for getting me out of there and giving me a lift the hospital!"


  2. Are they considered a good omen?
    I wish your mother full health and wellness and enjoyed your story.


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