this post is as fluffy as its main character

my cat has a new favorite place to rest his expanding ass – on top of my alarm clock. he especially likes it around 6:30am, COINCIDENTALLY the time my alarm goes off. he's getting pretty large, and is very very very fluffy, so he muffles it almost completely, and his 'tocks and tail hang over the front so i can't see it if i do happen to wake up.

i'm thinking of switching it from NPR to the scary, harsh bleepy alarm, in the hopes that it will scare him into moving off of it when it sounds in the morning, but am afraid this might lead to a panic attack complete with fullly-extended claws (his) and a severely scratched head (mine).

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Maybe a good shave is in order? It might improve the audio/visual.


  2. that's a very funny visual. You need to take a picture.


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