Friday 5: Good Things (via beca)

obviously NOT in order of importance/goodness level:

  1. The pound of dunkin' donuts coffee grounds on my desk when i got to work this morning.
  2. saying out loud, in front of people (albeit people who love me already), that i think i am a good mom to sophie – that i'm good at being her mom in particular – and actually really meaning it. i feel like for now, i've gotten it figured out. it's not that things are always perfect and rainbows and fluffy bunnies, and lord knows i do a lot of wrong things (too much tv and sugar, to name just two) but we know how to work together pretty well. of course now that i've said that in print, i may be jinxing it.
  3. my coworker who sits across the low cube wall from me (who, incidentally, left me the coffee in item 1 above) has a special ringtone on her cell for her husband, which is the song from the racetrack game ("everlasting love" i think) and he calls her a lot. it's so very cute.
  4. i am really glad that when we fart it isn't visible. can you imagine if glitter or sparks or something came out? it might be pretty and sparkly, but it'd be way harder to pretend it wasn't you.
  5. june live music goal will be taken care of, twice over, by the end of next week: young galaxy at BOTH on wednesday to pretend i'm young and hip, lucinda williams at the paramount on thursday to accept that even tho i'm not young and hip, there's still good music for us old farts (the glittery kind).

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  1. 2 reminds me of the plaque hung up by my mom when I was a kid: "Everytime I think I know where it's at, it moves."4 could also let you perhaps dodge more easily, or maybe cause a sense of dread if there was no escape from the cloud.


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