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sunday, since the usual cartoons were preempted by reruns of "friends," we watched the mayor of sunset strip, about rodney (on the roq) bingenheimer, and holy moly was it a trip. i'm not feeling particularly eloquent today, so maybe i'll write more about it later, but suffice it to say he's a unique guy, that rodney. highly recommended, especially if you were a KROQer in the 80s.

the banner ad on the right of the compose page reminds me: i've been watching episodes of this american life here and there, and i'm really impressed by how well they've done translating the radio show into a visual production. you could easily close your eyes and just listen to the shows, but the images never seem superfluous. tho the pandora's box episode, i think, i would've enjoyed more if i hadn't actually SEEN some of it. also highly recommended.

an old friend of mine from UCSC/CHP days found me on myspace. it isn't a totally useless thing, i suppose. fun! i hope he emails me again. i've thought of him a lot over the years and it'll be nice to catch up.

a new gym opened up near here, and is offering a deal to leapfrog employees, and i don't have the motivation to get in shape on my own, so i should probably do it. i'd like to get my arms back, since my third grade teacher seems to have swapped mine for hers in the last couple months, and the flabby belly thing isn't all that attractive. i figure not repulsing myself is the first step towards not repulsing anyone else.

voxtrot tomorrow night with matokie. may has been good for music. i hope i can keep it up.

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  1. Hi Aimee, are you not on livejournal anymore?


  2. voxtrot is going to ruuuuuuule. especially if i'm actually awake by then. not awake yet.


  3. 1. I'm dying to see TAL on the small screen (no HBO/SHO, wah)! I've been a listener for years and can't quite picture how the radio show would translate to a tv show, but I've heard a few reviews like yours and it sounds promising.2. i
    figure not repulsing myself is the first step towards not repulsing
    anyone else.
    I so get this. Seriously. I'm there.


  4. i'm still on there, i'm just not moved to post much. i think of it more
    as a community, like hipmama or mamatron, the way i have it set up, and
    i'm feeling kind of disconnected from that community lately, so i'm not

    i think you are the first person to notice, which just kind of
    reinforces that feeling, too. which is not meant to be as pathetic as
    it sounds. i might start again later.

    vox feels more like a journal for me than a way of keeping connected to a group of people, if that makes any sense.


  5. it's SO very good, i was surprised how well it translated. i couldn't picture it either, but it's fucking brilliant.


  6. I think of LJ as community too. I like to think of it as yam minus matthew… and I miss my friends. In the beginning, it made me feel less alone down here in SC. Now, it feels lonely in LJ too.


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