and also, the katamari theme song is stuck in my head.

I have not posted here on vox since September. In keeping with my not-a-resolution to get rid of what I don't use, I'm going to try to use it! Because honestly, I don't like getting rid of things! I'm wearing a sweater today that I like but is unflattering because otherwise I would have to toss it. I have issues.

I'm not posting as much on LJ either, actually. I think I'm just generally feeling kind of OK, and what's the point of posting if you don't have something to bitch about?

I should figure out what kind of stuff goes HERE vs. what kind of stuff goes THERE. I know THERE is for: venting, processing, not-so-subtly fishing for support and compliments, keeping up with the Mamas, day-to-day status reports, self-loathing and self-congratulating (often for things that deserve neither), that kind of stuff. I thought HERE would be for…I dunno, deeper things? More abstract things? Political or intellectual things?

Unfortunately, I don't have deeper/abstract/political/intellectual thoughts all that much. My waters are not still and deep, they are trickly and shallow and sometimes gurgly, with a couple maybe waist-high wading holes. I wouldn't fish it 'em myself, but I might swim a little, so long as I took a really hot soapy shower after.

I have no idea what the hell that was all about.

This is a very LiveJournal post.

At least I didn't say what I'm really thinking, that Daniel Craig is my seekrit hawt boyfriend. Thank god I didn't do THAT.

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  1. Just so you don't feel alone: I am wearing a fugly sweater that is extremely unflattering because I like the color and I don't want to throw it away. It was extremely creepy to read your post because I thought I was the only one…


  2. yay we are issue-sisters!


  3. with how easy it is to post media to vox you could this blog for a media dump, the latest music that is rocking your world, latest youtubes, books, that sort of thing. i for one would be totally stoked to fish those waters 🙂


  4. Actually, hearing that you are generally feeling kind of OK is pretty damn nice. 🙂 I think most of my clothing is unflattering, but then again I'm finding my body itself rather unflattering at the moment.. much bigger issue, but I would love to get rid of it too!(And if depth of subject matter in a post was the yardstick we're all meaured against, Honey I would have been thrown back into the wading pool long, long ago! Post what you want. We'll enjoy it, regardless).


  5. ooh that's a good idea. maybe i'll go that direction.


  6. oh, i love the fluffy posts. that's just about all my lj is about. i
    just don't think i need to be fluffy in two places. that's a lot of
    fluff, even for me!

    this sweater is totally fun, but horizontal multi-color stripes? not so hot on me. love it tho.


  7. For me, Vox is where I post private personal details that I don't want to share with the whole world. Like, dating details specifically, because there is at least one person I've slept with reading my LJ as a Friend, and other people who read it who are in the RS and I don't need the whole RS to know all the details about what is or is not happening with me n Miller, and I don't want to deal with creating Friend Post Filters and stuff, I like to keep it simple, public or friends. Here, I know it is just the geeks mostly, so I can say stuff without worrying about the wrong audience reading it.Also, it is great for the books, music, video.


  8. I started using vox for posts about dating. Since Terry is all over lj and I didn't want to hurt him. But I just like the format of lj better, so I finally made a filter that takes him out.Now I just use vox for, uh, posts I want beca and heidi to read… no, wait, um… Actually, I do intend to start writing a proper restaurant and food review thing and I will probably place that in here. And I definately use this as the place to talk about books.


  9. I actually just post on my local blog and have it crosspost everything to LJ and Vox because otherwise no one will read it and then they ask what's going on. But I haven't been posting much lately so I guess that says how much is going on. Mostly I just wanted to say that you should trade your current waters in for a natural hot spring.


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