lit quiz

one of the fab peeps on my lj posted this, and it's fun! and sobering! my brain don't do the long-term memory thing so good.

go to and pick a book you know (or think you know). click it, then scroll towards the bottom where the little links to study questions etc are, and pick "quiz" then take the quiz and see how you do.

i did a couple and sucked at most of them but did pretty good on pride and prejudice, only when it gave me my score it said i missed 2/25 and showed all my answers highlighted as correct (when you get your score, it shows you your answers, and highlighted in red are the ones you missed).

anyhoo. fun. good friday afternoon timekiller.

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    I realized after browsing through "The Great Gatsby" that I totally SUCK at remembering specifics about books like "where did Tom and Nick go to college"… but I guess I'm okay with that 😉


  2. i got 22/25 on anne of green gables! which i took because i was too scared to see how i would do on the aeneid. i'm gonna poke around some more, that was fun. and lord i imprinted on that book, because i seriously haven't read it since grade school. now i want to again though.


  3. I got 23/25 on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but I scored perfectly on P&P, which I haven't read in years but have apparently read it enough that it's committed to memory. I only got 48% right on As You Like It, which I stage-managed my senior year of high school and actually did have large chunks committed to memory. Oh well!I LOVE this site – thanks for sharing it! The list is great and has inspired me to hit the library and get some of the classics I missed, now that I'm finally done with Cryptonomicon (THANK GOD, nothing should be 900 pages long).


  4. I got 52% of 1984, and I read that 12 years ago.


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