vacay, day 1

one day down, not nearly enough to go.

soph and i slept in til almost 10, then got out of bed and lounged around for about half an hour, then got cleaned and dressed and headed out for donuts and milk/coffee over on telegraph (right across from that place you were talking about, anna! it looks cool). sat around for an hour working on our donuts (sprinkled cake for soph, ginormous apple bear claw for me) and played war. one game lasted 45 minutes. finally we just agreed to a tie and stopped, then played 5 card draw. my aunt eileen taught her the basics of poker last week and she's hooked. i just want to make a note that my seven-year-old child learned poker from a 60-year-old nun. this amuses me.

then we went on a fruitless search for those water sock things. then we spent an hour at the solar car wash cleaning the matrix inside and out (it looks goooooooood). then i came home and renewed my (lapsed) car insurance so i can get new reg tags tomorrow. i called in a prescription. i read the paper. it was nice to be able to spend some time on this stuff instead of running out at lunch or squeezing it in between work and dinnertime.

it sounds uneventful, but that's exactly what i need. time to take care of normal life shit without it fucking up my schedule.

tomorrow, we get jen and her girls at the train station (her train is only running 6 hours late so far!) and we head up to the wee house for three days. *boing*

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3 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like some restful time, and uneventful can be good!


  2. What a great day one! A nice mix of relaxation and "getting shit done." I don't know about you but I love the feeling of accomplishment even when I finish little stuff, like posting a bill. You're a Super Champ for getting several little life things done in a day.


  3. Sounds great, Aim. Good for you!


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